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The Department of English opens a world of Wisdom for the young aspirants who step into the Literary World. The Department is one of the pioneering departments of the college since the college initiated its journey of undergraduate courses in 2015. We are committed to enrich the learning lives of students by empowering them with curricular, literary and cultural activities. The Department also focused on developing students’ Listening, Speaking and learning skills via conducting seminars and webinars. Apart from the academic knowledge, we are committed to mould responsible individuals for the benefits of the future. The BA English graduation course offers political science and Journalism as its complimentary papers.

B.A English is a graduation programme of six semesters under the Choice Based Credit Semester System of the University of Calicut.In addition to the 14 core papers, Common English papers, second language papers and 2 complimentary papers- Political Science and Journalism are included in the first four semesters. The study of Political Science helps the students to have an awareness about the democratic system and to realize their rights and obligations as citizens. Journalism as a complimentary paper provides a centric environment for students aspiring to be successful in the same field, the study of which helps the learners to understand the broader aspects of Mass Media and to achieve professional skills which will definitely be useful for different careers. The last two semesters focuses on the core papers, an Elective course, an open course and also an academic project, which is a miniature form of research, will arouse the students’ aptitude and to come up with innovative findings. The detailed syllabus of the course is available on the official website of the University of Calicut.

To develop proficiency in English Language, enhance the innate abilities for personal and career development which will create merited and dutiful citizens.

We assist the students to escalate their critical thinking and provide inclusive education and thereby enriching the literary knowledge.

Kripa P

M.A. English, M.Phil, NET


Sneha K

M.A. English, NET


Ajitha  K

M.A. English, B.Ed


Shabna Asmi

M.A. English, B.Ed


Abdulla P.P.

M.A. Journalism


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